Work on paper







I make drawings.
In those drawings I try to capture ideas on a piece of paper. I want to see what the idea looks like, and i want to know if i have the technical capability the execute it.

I use brushes to apply ink on paper, one of the oldest drawing methods around, but I often use contemporary tools such as photoshop and 3D imaging to prepare sketches for the final drawings. I am fascinated by integrating this old with the new because i feel it is the only way to make genuine new work in an art-world where supposedly everything has already been done.

There are many different reasons to make a drawing but one thing is always the same, what to draw is just as important as how to draw it. A drawing is always the result of the combination of a conceptual and a technical idea. Sometimes a concept requires a technique but just as often a technique requires a concept.

What is an idea, where does it come from, what does it mean, and why is one good enough to make it as a drawing where the other one not? This, I think, is the core question in art and the hardest one to answer. I think we discover ideas in the same way we discover the real world; through personal experience. An idea is the combination of personal perception and conceptual thought, and it is the job of the artist to select the ones that work and discard the ones that don't.

I investigate the world of astronomy and mathematics. I find myself an archeologist, fiercely excavating ancient historical sites. I study the rites and rituals of secret societies and questionable religions and get mesmerized with Berlin's urban architectural insanity. all this in pursuit of that one idea. I don't seek answers to the mysteries I find. The journey itself is the is the goal and somewhere down the road I hope to find that one moment of clarity, that one haunting image, that one idea that can become the next drawing.